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Beavery Happy

By 12/05/2018December 31st, 2019Beavers, National Events

The national events department, in collaboration with the training department, a national Beavers day was organised on Saturday 12th May 2018 at Ghajn Tuffieħa Campsite. With the theme ‘Beavery Happy’, the event surely managed to put a smile on all 305 participants, 79 accompanying leaders and the supportive helpers. Positively, all Colonies in our Association attended this massive event. Even more, everyone received a commemorative badge, a personalised draw-string bag, a printed photo and other tokens in relation to the workshops. This activity included an opening and closing ceremony, a dog show by the Malta Police force and 5 different rotational workshops; Beavery Creative, Beavery Scouty, Beavery Physical, Beavery Funny and Beavery Happy.